Canoe Trips, a 5K, Junior Lip Sync and More!

It’s been a great and busy day here in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania! After a hard-earned, late-sleep morning and some delightful cinnamon buns with breakfast, we were off to a busy day of hiking, biking, shooting, scoring and so much more! We sent out two senior canoe trips today with Lindsey and Gina; we’re so proud of so many of both Junior and Senior campers who’ve learned to canoe on Lake Selma this summer and then have spread there wings on the mighty Delaware!

After a lunch of mac n’ cheese, tuna melts and tomato soup (YUM), we headed back to the bunk for rest, and though it drizzled a little, the sun came out by 4th period, and it was business as usual this afternoon. We pickle balled, we swam, we fished, and we ran our hearts out during general swim. You see, later this week, those interested will participate in the Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper at Pine Forest Camp, and we trained today at camp in our very own CTT 5k during general swim! We had so many campers participate!

And tonight, we gathered at the Timber Theater for an AWESOME Junior Lip Sync! Each and every bunk was outstanding, and we’ll be sure to post videos tomorrow, but congratulations to Bunk Baobab on winning first place!

Goodnight from the Timber Theater, folks! We’ll see you back here tomorrow for Timber Tops Tuesday! It doesn’t get better than this.

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