Canteen, Fish Tacos, Miss CTT!

It’s been another great day under the Greeley sky!

Late sleep! WOW! We were exhausted after last night’s Cabaret and fake out, and we’ve been on the edge of our seats all day just waiting for Olympics to break out. But to our shock…It STILL hasn’t happened. We’ve been chanting at meals, we’ve been begging head staff, we’ve been getting our reds and blues and yellows and greens ready. And NADA! NOTHING! Maybe there will be no Olympics this year! Only time will tell!

After our late sleep (it rained first thing in the morning), we enjoyed regularly scheduled programming including highlights like brother/sister visitation with Pine Forest (we saw Owego yesterday), horseback riding lessons, gymnastics privates, a Top Cooks trip, and fish tacos for dinner! They were delicious!

And tonight, evening program highlighted our AMAZING counselors from every bunk in Miss CTT! Here’s the truth: their real talent is making campers feel loved and cared for, and we’re impressed by them every day. But tonight they sang! They danced! They shared poetry! They played the guitar! They folded shirts (yup)! They made bracelets! They drew a dinosaur in under a minute! Folks, these gals can do it all. We’re so lucky they’re ours!

Let’s hear it for the counselors! We couldn’t do it without you! 

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