CTT Olympics 2021, July 14th & 15th!

It all started with a single firework over the campfire, and we just KNEW! Olympic breakout last night was the best in our memory. We marched behind the Olympic torch from the campfire to the upper field where more fireworks announced the start of Olympic Games 2021! Campers passed Olympic scenes on the tennis courts, in the pool, in gymnastics and around the upper field and then gathered together inside the fitness center for a live head staff broadcast of these Olympic games we’ve been waiting for! Anna, Missy and Andy were the announcers, and dance performances and reenactments by the head staff were interrupted only by AMAZING CTT Olympic commercials made by our amazing Media Director, Kareema. It was a feel good, fantastic, definitely worth the wait breakout, and we couldn’t be happier to finally celebrate CTT OLYMPICS 2021: A Moment in Time! Read on for our schedule over the next two days!

Down with CTT, up with OLYMPIC GAMES!

The Olympic Teams

Blue Puerto Rico MONICA PUIG



Green Ethiopia TIKI GELANA


8:10      Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40     Line -Up

8:50     Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:10      Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall

9:30      Team Meetings

Select track meet participants, and individual activity participants!

Teams will always meet at:

BLUE Puerto Rico (Willow if raining Gymnastics)

GREEN Ethiopia (Redwood if raining Fitness)

RED Switzerland (Oak if raining Dining Hall)

YELLOW Romania (Palm Court if raining Dance Pavilion)

10:00               Track Meet

11:00               Individual Activities


Tennis Doubles (upper courts)


Egg Toss (upper field)

Softball Throw (upper field)

Mile Run (upper field)

Tug of War (upper field)

3 Legged Race (upper field)

Suitcase Relay (upper field)

Monkey (upper field)

Football Game (upper Field)

12:30               LUNCH (Juniors)

1:00                 LUNCH (Seniors)

2:00                 Team Meetings

Organize banner, cheers, and song. Select waterfront activities!

2:30                 Waterfront Competition

4:00                 General Swim – Biathlon ALL TO THE LAKE

4:30                 Showers


5:50 – Juniors

6:20 – Line-Up

6:30 – Seniors

7:00     Team Meetings

7:30     Evening Race: Junior Lip Sync, Paper Bag Dramatics, The Um Game

9:30     OLYMPIC O.D.!


7:45     Wake up – by Kauri

8:10     Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40     Line-Up

8:50     Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:10     Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall

9:30     Team Meetings

Organize team competition

Sr. softball, Sr. basketball, Sr. field hockey, Jr./Sr. Soccer

Jr. newcombe, Jr. kickball, Jr. Gaga, Sr Flag football

10:00 Team Competition

Softball (upper field), basketball (basketball court) GaGa (Gaga courts)

Kickball (upper field), newcombe (Beach), soccer (upper field), field hockey (upper field) Sr Flag football (upper field)

  1. Red vs Yellow
  2. Green vs Blue
  3. Winners
  4. Consolation game

11:30   Team Meetings

Select swim meet participants and Dodgeball participants

Work on song and cheer!

12:10   Campus Clean Up

LUNCH – (12:30 Juniors/ 1:00 Seniors)

2:00     Team Meetings :  Finish selection of swim meet participants

2:30     Swim Meet

4:00     Dodgeball – upper tennis courts

4:30     Showers


5:30 – Juniors

6:00 – Line-Up

6:10 – Seniors

6:40 Team practice

7:30 The Olympic Finale/Sing: Song, cheer and banner!

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