Dancing in the Rain!

Dear Camp Families, 

We hope you’re having a great long weekend wherever you are! More on what July 4th means at CTT tomorrow, but for now, here’s the latest from Greeley. 

The weather has been all over the place for the past 24 hours or so! It downpours, and then it’s gorgeous! We’re playing in puddles, and then we’re jumping in the pool! It’s WILD up here in the mountains. The good news is that we really haven’t had to change much activity. The rain seems to happen when we’re sleeping or in passing, and we go about our normally scheduled, happy camp life.  We will say, these brief storms make for the most gorgeous sunsets we’ve seen. And now the forecast is for sunny skies ahead! 

The past day has brought puddle jumping, canoeing, a first overnight camping trip to Blueberry Island (woohoo!) and, of course, lots of singing and dancing and all the other normal, happy camp stuff. Have you seen our WEEK ONE video? Check it out here! 

We’re in the summer groove, and we hope you are too! 

Love from Greeley!

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