Escape from CTT! (Don’t Panic!)

Okay, folks. It was meant to be last night, but the skies had other plans for us. It’s okay! It made the build-up even more exciting! We had a great day at camp filled with LOC brother visiting, a delightful pizza lunch and Senior Lip Sync practice, but the buzz was all about tonight’s evening program.

Tonight in Greeley we played… ESCAPE FROM CTT! In “Escape,” as its nicknamed, campers are placed in pairs (one junior camper and one senior camper in each group) and must complete a list of activities around camp (think shooting a basketball, kayaking around a buoy in the lake, doing forward rolls in gymnastics, eating saltines and whistling, and so much more!). The first 10 pairs to complete their checklist “ESCAPE” camp and head out for ice cream in a van decorated with signs saying “WE ESCAPED!” It is a HUGE deal to escape. People train all year for it (okay not really, but we swear it’s a REALLY big deal). Lest you think “Escape” is as easy as it sounds, let us share one twist. While your happy campers are scampering around camp trying to “Escape from CTT,” there are “powder puffs” (counselors stationed around camp trying to whack kids with a sock filled of corn starch) trying to freeze kids who can only be unfrozen by “hydro helpers,” (counselors who squirt frozen campers with water toys)! Things are WILD in Greeley tonight. It’s complicated, and this blogger isn’t doing it justice, but here’s the gist: it’s an AWESOME night at Timber Tops. Below: the escapees of 2023! Congrats to all!

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