Fake Out, Fake Out, Fake Out Fake Out Fake Out

Apologies, friends and followers! This’ll be quick. We know it’s late, but WOW! We had so much happening tonight we couldn’t sneak away!

Tonight was our highly anticipated 9th-grade led CABARET! Every year this age group gets together and plans a night to remember, under the Greeley stars. They hold auditions, they line up talent, they pick a theme, they build a set, they order special food and drinks and they emcee the night! Tonight’s Cabaret theme was: Live from Timber Tops it’s TIMBER NIGHT LIVE! We saw awesome dance, musical and comical performances and just as we clapped for the final CA performance, a chariot (okay, it was a golf cart) with a king and queen (okay, it was Missy and Andy), drove to royal fanfare up to the Fitness Center. The crowd went wild! The theme was ROYAL QUEENDOM, and four queens awaited us.

We cheered! We laughed! We cried! But then, alas, Missy and Anna read a script which ended in …. FAKE OUT! We couldn’t believe it, folks. But this SECOND fake out can only mean one thing… OLYMPICS must be near!

Our recommendation? Make sure your sneakers are next to your bed tonight, friends. Anything could happen before dawn.



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