Final Timber Tops Tuesday, Summer 2023

Can you tell we’re getting pretty nostalgic over here already? Extra cheering, extra dancing, and extra hugs are in the air as we make the most of each moment here at camp. We hope you’re holding on to your final moments of summer, too. We’ll write more on this soon, but it’s all so bittersweet. In giving your daughter the gift of camp, you’ve given her independence and confidence and so much more. And as realities of home begin creeping in, we’re leaning in even harder to this freedom, to this magic you’ve given us. So if we haven’t said it lately, thank you! Thank you for these moments we’ve had and will continue having until those buses roll out.

This morning, we all had exit health screenings at the health center including a thorough head check from our lice lady friends. We’re happy to report that we’re clean as a whistle! We’re also spending lots of time sorting through lost and found; we’re doing the very best we can to send home everything your camper came here with, so fingers crossed!

After a mostly regularly scheduled morning (shout-out to our long run runners!), this afternoon brought Camp Rock 2 at the Timber Theater! Our cast was awesome, and the play definitely hit close to home! “This is our song, that’s all that matters ’cause we all belong, right here together. There’s nothing better than singing along. This is our summer, this is our song!” It’s like it was written just for us! Together we sang and laughed and applauded so many who’ve been working so hard on the drama staff (Maia, you’re amazing!) and in the cast this summer! Thanks, too, to the CAs for their many fab cameos! After the play, we headed up to gymnastics for a totally impressive gymnastics show! Congratulations are due to all who performed today!

This evening will be another super fun night here in Greeley. Get your dancing shoes on, people, because it’s an ALL CAMP SOCIAL with Lake Owego! We’ve got snacks, we’ve got lights, we’ve got a DJ… We’re ready to party! It’s gonna be EPIC!

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