First Day of Second Session!

Hello, friends and followers! It was another great day at CTT!

We woke up to a special “Visiting Day” breakfast: “good” bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts! We’ve been trying to get the most requested wish-list items, and “good bagels,” and Dunkin’ Donuts were at the top of that list. But we had a Timber Tops first tonight, too! By far, the most requested Visiting Day wish-list item was a “brookie” or an “oreo brookie” — this blogger has learned a “brookie” is a brownie/cookie or a brownie/cookie/Oreo! So Bubbe Barbara Black made homemade Oreo brookies for the whole camp tonight, and they were DELICIOUS! Who needs regular ol’ Visiting Day?!

Today was an awesome day of SUPER CHOICE! Highlights included the high zip line, outdoor cooking and an adventure on Emily Island in the middle of Lake Selma! And, of course, we welcomed our SECOND SESSION CAMPERS! Wooohoo! We’re so excited to welcome our new and returning summer sisters to CTT.

Today, everyone was checked for lice by our friends at Lice Be Gone, and good news: our girls (okay, they’re yours too) are LICE FREE! Now THAT news deserves a brookie.

Tonight, we’ll have another staff show to introduce and reintroduce our awesome counselors. We’re so lucky to be here together, and we’re not taking one moment at camp for granted!

Signing off from another great day in Greeley, folks! We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for another day of action-packed fun!



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