First Session Final Moments

Oh, friends and followers. We can’t believe it. Can you believe it’s here? The first session flew by, and we just can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to our first session summer sisters! We’re sure that your first-session camper will be thrilled to see you, but we’re also pretty sure that she’s feeling sad to leave this magical place down the winding road. Thank you for lending your first-session campers to us for the summer. We hope it was worth the wait.

Today was was packing day for those first session campers, followed by a video yearbook of the summer so far,  a gymnastics show, and a dance show too. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the amazing things we’ve learned in this short first half of summer. We already miss our first-session campers!

Tonight, we’ll have our official first-session sendoff evening program. “Wishing Well,” down the winding road into camp, is an evening program where those leaving tomorrow will line Mitchell Creek, penny in hand, and throw their penny over their shoulder, into the creek, making a wish for next summer. The rest of us stand on the other side and watch. We then walk back down the path together, singing camp songs, one final time. Tonight is a beautiful, emotional night at camp.

Tomorrow? We wave goodbye to our first-session campers and promptly head to… TIMBER FEST! Normally we’d go to a water park, but just you wait to see the fun we have in store at our FULL SUMMER CLUB (of over 200 campers)! The 24 hours it’s just full session campers is among the best 24 hours all summer! What’s happening exactly, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see!

PS- Last night’s play, Frozen 2, was AWESOME! There were two original songs! It felt like half the camp was involved! Even head staff joined too! We think it was the best show ever! We’ll post it soon!

Goodnight from Greeley!

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