Friday, We’re in Love!

Tonight we’ll be quick! Here are some highlights from down the winding road! 

  • Our CAs returned from the Timber Tops in great spirits, and we were so happy to welcome them home.
  • Visiting day zooms have begun! They’re in full swing! Woohoo!
  • Cast lists went up for “Beauty and the Beast,” our second session show. So many campers are excited to be part of the cast and crew!
  • We had chicken tenders for lunch and the crowd went wild!
  • Tonight we enjoyed delicious challah and matzoh ball soup! 
  • Evening program for juniors is Ridiculous Relays!
  • Trampoline fitness is awesome! You should try it too!
  • Juniors still going gaga for gaga!
  • It’s a canteen day! Yeeeha!
  • Evening program for seniors is a SOCIAL with Lake Owego Camp! Dreams really do come true! 

In short, we’re having SO much fun. Thanks for tuning in to Timber Talk! More fun tomorrow under the Greeley sky!


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