We were so sad to say goodbye to our half-season campers this morning that we had to get out and do something special: THE WATER PARK! And it was a perfect day for it!  When it’s sunny (and it was!), we spend this day at a water park, and though we like to keep things campy at CTT, this once-a-summer outing is always just what the doctor ordered. It recharges our batteries, lifts our spirits, distracts us a little and gets us even more excited for tomorrow: welcoming new campers!

But let’s back up for a minute. There are over 200 campers still here for the full summer, what’s now known as the “FULL SUMMER CLUB!” Every camper arrived back at camp to specially made… TIMBER TOPS CROC CHARMS (otherwise known as Jibitz)! 5 new charms, CTT logo,  #10for2, a heart with “Camp” written inside, CTT, and a 18425 charm will adorn the crocs of everyone in our full summer club. This Timber Tops swag is as good as it gets! And that’s not all! Dinner is extra special tonight too! Our kitchen staff made us a delicious dinner that started with yummy mozzarella sticks and other party appetizers and it’ll end with a Full Summer Club dessert buffet! To say it was a super special day is an understatement, and tonight will be even better. For evening program it’s SOCK IT TO ME! A full-camp, active,  full-season only, all-time favorite camp evening program!

We should mention that while our campers are out living the good life, our cleaning crew, maintenance, and support staff are cleaning and changing over camp to fully prepare for the second half of summer: starting NOW!

It’s all good under the Greeley sky! Second session campers: sleep well. Your summer is just getting started, and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. We are so ready!

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