Full Summer Club Reigns!

Wow, friends. What. A. Day. We can’t believe that we’ve packed so much in, but boy are we making every moment count. And today it was one of the best days of summer, made even better this year! It’s the FULL SUMMER CLUB! First session campers left in the morning, second session campers arrive (and test and pod together as a bubble within a bubble for the first week of camp), but today it was all about FULL SEASON CAMPERS!

After we did some bunk cleaning and rearranging, we headed down to the tents (for juniors and inters) and the dining hall (for seniors and hi-seniors) to our BUNK PARTIES! Every bunk requested special food and drinks and snacks (ranging from avocados to cheesecake to something called Takis which this blogger just learned of today). We went crazy! There was music, there was junk food, there was merriment! Next, lunchtime and PACKAGE OPENING! Thanks for the awesome gifts from home, parents. Your campers felt so much love from you today, and we appreciate your making the day extra special in Greeley. We make a good team!

Right after packages were opened, it was time for a VERY serious cookie cake-making competition! We’re telling you: you’ve never seen decorations like these! Edible paper and edible markers and edible camp logos! It was WILD! The girls went wild! We saved cookie cakes for dinner dessert because we heard music blasting from the flagpole to signal the start of TIMBERFEST! In the flagpole area we had a masked singer competition (different campers take turns dressing in costume – masked – and we had to guess who was singing), a hair braiding station, balloon darts, hook-a-duck, and face painting! There was ice cream and soda too, but don’t tell our parents (wink)! One of the most exciting parts of TimberFest was earning tickets to buy CAMP MERCH! Custom t-shirts, shoelaces, jibitz, bracelets, mask chains, and scrunchies just for the full summer club! They were a huge hit!

And then we were off to a cover band concert at the Timber Theater! We sang, we danced, we had the best afternoon ever! We even heard from many that this should be the first ANNUAL TimberFest — what we’re saying is: we hope your kids invite you to Visiting Day next year, parents. This day was hard to top!

Over the course of the day, and over the next few days, we’re trying to incorporate some fan favorites the girls have said they’d miss with an untraditional Visiting Day — enter the cookie cakes, the special drinks, the ice cream, etc. Well… Tonight, for those who wished, we had Cup o Noodles Ramen out at dinnertime. Dozens of cases! The girls were so excited! For breakfast tomorrow? Dunkin’ Donuts! And don’t tell your campers, but Barbara Black made everyone homemade Brownie/Cookie/Oreo bars for a special treat tomorrow! She’s never made them before at camp, but they (and “brookies”) were the most requested food item! Not to make it all about food, but WE TOLD YOU not to worry about the Visiting Day. We got this!

Tonight, after dinner, it was a CTT Favorite and Full Summer Club tradition: SOCK IT TO ME! We ran all over camp in a capture the flag-like camp which we’re pretty sure will have everyone sleeping in no time.

We hope your camper will share the fun and spirit and happiness of today on your Virtual Visiting Zooms! It was truly one for the books.

Goodnight from Greeley from your FULL SUMMER SISTERS! Tomorrow, we can’t wait to welcome our second session campers! We’re just getting started!


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