Greeley Games Continued!

Good evening from the happiest place on Earth: CTT!

Today was another great one. First, LATE SLEEP! At this point in the summer, when we’re taking in every opportunity, making every moment count, it’s important we rest up! Late sleep was very much needed! But there was nothing lazy about this late-sleep day.

Greeley games brought newcombe, flag football, volleyball, softball, basketball, field hockey, a track meet, a gymnastics competition (pictured below! we won!), an art competition (yup, you read that right!), and a chess competition! There was also a Top Cooks class, riding lessons, play practice, and practice for tonight’s highly anticipated evening program: the senior lip sync! We’ll post videos of those in the coming days on the YouTube channel!

We’re not missing a beat here at camp, and they’ll be more fun tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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