Greeley Games, Lake Night, and More!

Howdy, friends and family!

It was another gorgeous day here down the winding road. Dare we say there’s been a chill in the air, and sweatshirt life is a happy life up here in the mountains. Our Monday morning started with a late sleep for some, but others were up early playing in the Greeley Games against Pine Forest and Lake Owego! Today’s competitions included: basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, fishing, chess, a swim meet, and even an art competition! That’s right, we do it all here at camp!

Half of our amazing CAs (those who didn’t participate first session) headed out on their Timber Trek this morning! So far, they’ve canoed over 25 miles. Tonight they’re camping out, preparing for a short sleep since they’ll be up at dawn to hike the Appalachian Trail come morning. You go, girls! We can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you’re back tomorrow!

And tonight it’s another evening program for the books! It’s (drumroll please)… LAKE NIGHT! Juniors were so excited that they started a conga line at dinner! We’ve never before seen such lake night enthusiasm but we’re loving it! Juniors and low seniors will swim, they’ll boat, they’ll wibit, and (perhaps most importantly) they’ll make s’mores! Life is good down on the shores of Lake Selma. For Hi-Seniors it’s a cookie bake/movie night – not too shabby.

Pictured below: juniors “dressed up” for Lake Night (we don’t totally get it either), unable to contain their enthusiasm. Ya can’t make this stuff up, folks! And with that, goodnight!

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