Happy Timber Tops Tuesday!

It’s Timber Tops Tuesday at CTT, but today’s Tuesday sure does look a little different. This morning, bright and early, our 9th, 10th and 11th graders headed out for their highly anticipated BIG TRIP! 9th graders are off on adventures to New England (including Boston and Portland, Maine!) and our CAs (10th and 11th graders) head to Niagara Falls! Our 7th and 8th graders travel down the winding road for their trip tomorrow morning with 8th graders headed to the Finger Lakes and 7th graders to the Adirondack Mountains! All trips will be back here at camp by late Thursday night, so for the next two days…JUNIORS WILL RULE! More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, it’s been another great and busy day! This morning was a beautiful one with trips out on Lake Wally and the Delaware Water Gap. Regular schedule had us keeping busy around CTT! And though by lunchtime the skies opened up (to rain and HAIL! Yowsa!), the rainy afternoon reprieve brought seniors time for lip sync practice and trip packing, and it brought juniors some bunko and jukebox! What a dream!

This evening, we headed to the dance pavilion for a drive-in movie and cookie bake! Tonight, some of our juniors will head out on an overnight, and the rest of us will head back to the bunk to get ready for tomorrow, a SUPER special day here at camp. Stay tuned for (drumroll please)…SWITCH DAY! Coming soon to a blog near you. You wont want to miss it.

Oh! If you haven’t checked out our junior lip syncs from last night, what are you waiting for!?

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