Hey, Timber Tops Girls!

We hope you had a relaxing winter break. Did you get enough snow to make a snow man (or too much snow in some cases!)? Did you visit with family? Were you able to read a book or go to the movies? We know that sometimes getting back to school can be rough, but as we always say at campfires, Camp Timber Tops isn’t just a place in Greeley, PA. Camp is a place in your heart! When tests and quizzes are bringing you down, we hope that memories of campfires, luaus at Lake Selma, dodge ball in the Timber Dome, rainy day Action Auction, the Running Log, walks up Lily Lane, and dancing at lineup brings a smile to your face, keeps you warm inside, and brightens up a cold winter day. What brings a smile to your face? Panic? Canteen? The play? Pioneer Days? What are the memories that keep you going through January? If it’s going to be your first year at Timber Tops, what are you most looking forward to? Share on our Camp Timber Tops Facebook page! We love hearing from you.

Oh, and don’t forget to upload your best CTT photos from winter break or email them to us at info@timbertops.com.

Happy New Year to you and everyone in our Timber Tops family.
We know that 2011 will be our best season yet!

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