Hi, From Anna!

Hi Ladies!

I’m so excited to see you down the winding road in just a few weeks! This will be an exciting summer for me and my family, because we’re bringing something brand new to camp this summer: our newborn daughter, Hattie! Hattie can’t wait to join her big sister, Ruby, in Greeley for the best summer ever.

Growing up, I never had a “real” sister. For me, as a camper, counselor and director, the closest thing I have ever felt (and still feel!) to a sister is the summer sisters I spent and still spend my days with in Greeley. Camp friends are just so special and quickly feel like family. Camp friends know you inside and out; they see you on good days and bad, in moments of success and vulnerability, in rain and in shine.

The truth is, though we hope you’ll improve your serve, sing in a talent show, swim in a swim meet, shoot a bow and arrow, and dance across the stage of the new dance pavilion, the most memorable thing about camp is you. Friendships are what last long after camp ends. There’s nothing like a summer sister.

We’ve made a lot of new improvements at camp this summer, more than ever before. I can’t wait for you to see the gorgeous new dance pavilion, the dining hall renovations (all new, wooden tables and blinds!), the new outdoor pizza oven (!), the pool improvements, the continued paving on senior hill, the flagpole area refresh, and more! The truth is, though, what defines Timber Tops isn’t the place, it’s the people. Our down-to-earth, kind, spirited (sometimes even goofy!) campers and their families are what make Timber Tops the most beautiful place in the world to me.

Thank you for choosing to spend your summer at CTT. We are SO excited to get started, and whether it’s your first summer at Timber Tops or your tenth, the new friendships that await you will undoubtedly be some of the greatest gifts of your life (so thank your parents in advance)!

See you soon! Hooray!

Winding Road
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