Hi, from Rachel Maller!

As a pre-kindergarten teacher, and someone who loves singing, we naturally sing a lot in my classroom. We probably sing as much as we do at camp! I have taught my students a number of camp songs, and one of their favorites is “The Doughnut Song.” We even sang it at our school’s holiday concert in December for all of the parents! Doughnuts… Sufganiyot… Chanukah… Okay so I may have been stretching a bit to relate it to the holidays, but the kids love it!

Ya know the line: “there’s a whole in the nickle and it goes right through….?” Some of my students sometimes shout, “nickles have holes!” They really think it’s true! I hope that I haven’t confused my 4-year-olds too much!

Looking forward to camp and of course to all of the singing! Keep in touch!

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