It’s a Beautiful Day in Greeley!


Today was our first day of regular schedule with long-awaited awesome activities happening from down at Lake Selma to way up on Hughie Field. It’s just what we’ve been waiting for! Both juniors and seniors tried out for the play, and now we’re really expecting great things to come in drama; there’s some serious talent here at CTT! Other activities were in full swing too: horseback riders headed over to the ranch for the first time, junior campers took their first boating lessons, and our oldest campers made their first marks on the running log during pre-season training! Juniors were at the pool and seniors at the lake for a sunny, especially beautiful general swim. In addition to swimming and boating, general swim meant dancing and singing of our song of the summer! It wouldn’t be Timber Tops without lots of song and cheer!

We also took all junior bunk photos! Check out our CampMinder photos of the day for those bunk pictures (and stay tuned for seniors tomorrow). Tonight we’re getting psyched for another first of the summer: canteen! Yes! After canteen, junior campers will be playing PANIC in the village and seniors are playing Against the Odds! It’s always action-packed down the winding road.

We’re happy to say that things are off to a great and smooth start. We feel like we’ve been here all year! In short, it’s a BEAUTIFUL day in downtown Greeley.


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