The only thing better than Halloween in October is TIMBERWEEN in July! 

We always tell people that the highlights of camp are often evening programs, and it’s true. But some evening programs stand out even more than the rest! Some evening programs have been Timber Tops tradition for as long as we can remember! Some evening programs have kids talking and planning for days in advance… Tonight, our evening program checks all of those boxes and more! Timberween is finally here! 

Timberween involves dressing up in costume (some campy, some not), costume parades, and, of course, Trick or Treating for candy! Tonight, there are rumored to be head staff lookalikes, care bears, animals, wacky hats, the statue of liberty, Flo the Progressive lady, and so much more! It’s going to be a great night in Greeley! 

Make sure to check out CampMinder photos tomorrow to see us in action! 

In the meantime, here’s a photo from today. Another awesome CTT once-upon-a-time camper turned counselor with her girls. We are the luckiest! 

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