Jellybeans, Adventure Challenge, and So Much More!

Well, hello there, friends and followers!

It’s another beautiful, sunny, albeit chilly day in Greeley. It’s perfect camp weather! Our second session campers woke up to the happy news that everyone tested negative on their second PCR tests (the first at-camp one)! We’ll test them for a third time in a few days, but we’re off to a great start in our bubble within a bubble! Woohoo!

In addition to regular activities today (which are never regular!), we’re also in the midst of Jellybeans (and Big/Lil Sisters for new campers who just arrived). New campers are all given big sisters, CAs (11th graders) who leave little sisters notes and treats and become a special, older camp friend and guide. CAs love having little sisters! But what about the rest of us?! Do not fear, we’re all in it together in a special secret-admirer-type buddy program called Jellybeans! Every single camper in camp received a Jelly Bean. In other words, you are both a Jelly Bean, and you’re someone else’s Jelly Bean! A Jelly Bean is a special friend who, in the second half of the summer, leaves little anonymous notes and homemade gifts and trinkets for her Jellybean to make her feel valued and loved and integral to our CTT community. We’ll all meet our Jellybeans at the Jellybean campfire in a few days on the shores of Lake Selma! Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold! And for all you enthusiastic alumni out there: “Jellybeans” are the new “Peanuts!” We’re a nut-free camp, so assigning “Peanuts” didn’t make sense anymore!

Tonight will be a great one! Juniors (entering grades 3-5) will participate in an adventure challenge together, and inters through hi-seniors will be doing divisional team building! It’s going to be another great Greeley evening to round out a great Greeley day! Over and out from down the winding road!



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