Join the CTT Holiday “Secret Santa!” Yes, YOU!

Although, TOP SECRET/UNDERGROUND/TOTALLY CAMPER RUN, we’re writing today with a reference to the amazing tumblr started by two rising 10th graders at Timber Tops, AKA CAs! Though completely unofficial and unaffiliated, we’re so amazed by the positive and wonderful blogging these girls do about CTT on a regular basis. Some might say that they’re obsessed with Timber Tops…And Timber Tops is obsessed with them!

Anyway, this holiday season, our favorite friends at have organized a Timber Tops “Secret Santa,” and you’re invited! The girls asked us to open this open to any and all past, present or future Timber Tops girls (join in, new campers!). So, join the fun! What a great way to have a CTT pen pal this December. Thanks, Teddy and Jill! We love you!

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