July 10, 2021

Good afternoon, friends!

It’s a gorgeous, spectacularly busy day in Greeley, PA. And it’s an extra-special day because it’s the long awaited CATURDAY! No, not Saturday, it’s CATurday at CTT. So we’re dressed up as cats. Why!? Why not! It’s a Timber Tops thing!

It started off chilly, as all great mountain mornings do, but the sun started shining, the birds started chirping and we peeled our layers off and put our bathing suits on in no time. Lake Selma was hoppin’, and the fields and courts were filled with happy campers, ready to enjoy a day of regular (though never ordinary!) activities! And with pancakes for breakfast and chicken tenders and curly fries for lunch (and salad options and fruit and grilled chicken too – don’t worry, Mom!), we were energized and ready for all the day would bring!

Today, in addition to regularly scheduled programming, we made up some rained-out Greeley Games! Flag football, lacrosse, a climbing competition, a dance competition, a canoe regatta and an art show competition rounded off these awesome Greeley Games. And we’re not sure if participating or cheering was more fun. We’ve got spirit yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?!

We’ve been busy! We’ve been so happy!

But there are other games we’re waiting for… Olympic Games! Last night the CAs planned an awesome fake out right after the Warm Fuzzy campfire. And now we’re just WAITING for the real thing to break! Cheers and chants are echoing through camp, but we’re holding on to every moment. It’s going too fast!



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