July 31st, 2021!

Okay, folks. Normally, we do a lot of talking. But since it’s Saturday night, how about some entertainment! Junior and Intermediate Lip Sync videos are up on the CTT YouTube Channel!

And here they are:

Bunk Hickory, Bunk Poplar, Bunk Elm, Bunk Palm Court, Bunk Juniper, Bunk Spruce, Bunk Redwood, Bunk Sassafras, Bunk Banyan, Bunk Pine, Bunk Baobob, and Bunk Mimosa! We hope you enjoy!

Also up today is the Week 5 video! Say it ain’t so! We can’t believe how time is flying.

And today was a beautiful day at camp! Yes, the weather was perfect. Yes, many of us participated in a Polar Bear plunge into Lake Selma this morning at dawn. Yes, camp pizza lunch days are delicious. Yes, because tonight is Timber Tops Idol…But it was an especially spectacular day at camp, because we got to honor someone spectacular!

Sarah “Smaller” Maller, the Division Leader for our Intermediate campers (in grades 7 & 8), is celebrating her 20th summer at camp this year. And today, we named a beautiful waterfall in camp after her. The waterfall at Arts & Crafts will, from here on out, be known as Sarah’s Falls! We are so grateful to Sarah for her many years of hard work, dedication and love for CTT and its inhabitant. We hope that you’ll get to know Sarah and stroll over to A&C to visit her waterfall someday!

That’s all from Greeley! More tomorrow where things are busier than ever. But more on that soon!

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