Junior Lip Sync + Singing in the Rain!

It was a busy day at camp filled with Visiting Day leftover treats, rainy day programming (including Human Anagrams, Guess Your Best, Know Your Camper, Lip Sync Practice), Chipotle dinner, and a night of JUNIOR LIP SYNC! Woohoo!

Every junior bunk has chosen a song and dance and will perform for the entire camp tonight (think MTV music videos)! Seniors will have their turn in another few days.

Speaking of seniors, tomorrow our 9th and 10th graders head out into the world on their senior trips!

9th Grade Trip to Boston, Maine, and Rhode Island
-Quincy Market and Fanieul Hall in Boston
-New England Aquarium
-Freedom Trail
-Fenway Park
-Old Orchard Beach and Palace Playground in Maine
-Tennis Hall of Fame, Touro Synagogue, and more in Newport, RI
-Brick Market Place

10th Grade Trip to Montreal
-Laser Quest
-Jet boating on the Lachine Rapids
-La Ronde Amusement Park
-Lake Placid Olympic Sport Complex
-Exploring Old Montreal, Catherine Street and more!

Stay tuned for their adventures (7th and 8th graders too- their trip leaves on Wednesday!) and special programming during our JUNIOR TAKEOVER of GREELEY!

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