Know Your Counselor, Name That Tune, CA Songs and So Much More!

Good afternoon, followers!

It’s been another great and busy day here at camp! It wasn’t raining when we woke up, but shortly after breakfast started, it came in fast and furiously. But guess what?! The girls were thrilled to move from chocolate chip pancakes right into cleanup and rainy day scheduling. Rainy days aren’t lazy days around here, and today was no exception! Juniors played an AWESOME game of “Know Your Counselor,” and Seniors played “Name That Tune” (which turned into one big dance party).

Our gymnastics team competed with skill and enthusiasm at today’s meet, and our 15 and under lacrosse team played a game against the Owego boys! Yup, you read that right! Camp sure is a wacky place! The afternoon brought sunny skies and regular schedule, and it’s become a gorgeous Greeley day.

In preparation for tonight’s campfire, the CAs went into junior bunks to teach and refresh returning campers on favorite camp songs. Tonight we’ll sing songs, tell stories, and each junior bunk will stand as “expert” for the song they practiced during today’s rest hour song practice! Friday night campfires are such special moments that bookend each week and create lasting, sacred camp memories. Campfires also connect us to generations of  Timber Tops girls who have gone before us, and tonight we’ll read some camp memories sent in by alumni (through our CTT alumni Facebook page)! So cool! Speaking of cool, it’s cool up here in the mountains now. Good thing we had delicious matzah ball soup for dinner. YUM.

Have a great night, friends and family! We’ll see you around these parts tomorrow!

PS- Junior Lip Sync videos are up and available on the “video” section of CampMinder (where you usually click on photos). Enjoy!

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