Live from CTT, It’s Saturday Night!

Good evening!

What a day! What a life! It’s been a great one at CTT with tonight’s Jellybean campfire as the cherry, um, or jellybean, on top! We’re so excited to meet our secret admirers/Jellybeans!

We loved virtual visits from our full-season camper parents today, and we can’t wait for more tomorrow. Don’t worry moms and dads: there’s a chipwich waiting for your happy camper on the other side of the zoom to ease back into camp. Why a chipwich, you ask? Well, it was another most-requested Visiting Day item! This weekend we also had homemade rice crispy treats, yet another Visiting Day request. So that’ll round it out! We have loved replicating Visiting Day things, but we’ll be okay moving on and into second session camp life too. Why? Because everyone knows that it’s when all the good stuff happens at camp! 🙂

Today, camp was hoppin’ with mountain biking, painting, outdoor cooking, lake fun, tennis and basketball lessons galore, improv, and lots of swim! It was a regular ol’ day of programming, but there was nothing regular about it! The sun was shining, and despite the warmer temperatures, there was a cool summer breeze that kept us feeling good all daylong. We are so happy to be together at camp! How lucky are we?

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