Monday, August 8th

Dear Friends Near and Far,

It pains us to say this, but we’re starting our final *final* moments. Today was our last hiking trip. Tomorrow we send out our last canoe trips. And tomorrow we begin some of our culminating activities. More on that tomorrow, but this is all to say that today was our last day of regular schedule. Our riders enjoyed a horse show, our cast performed their final dress rehearsal, and we did a lot of the things we love to do! We’re making it count!

We’ve been beating the heat by staying in the lake and the pool, and we’ve been hydrating hydrating hydrating! Tonight an after dinner storm cooled us right off and brought the humidity down, and we’re relaxing with evening programs of “Know Your Counselor” (a fan favorite!) for juniors and movies for seniors. But we’re keeping it campy all the while. For example, you may wonder why the 11th graders and their head staff below are wearing underwear on their heads to dinner? Well, because where else can you challenge your friends to wear underwear on your head to dinner? We’re taking it all in.

More wild and wacky and wonderful to come tomorrow. Oh! If you haven’t seen our week 6 video, make sure to check it out!

Over and out from Greeley!



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