Monday, August 9, 2021 at CTT!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a regular ol’ day here at CTT, and boy were we ready for it. We did have a late sleep (we earned it!), so we started with second period, but we hit the ground running. Not before a healthy serving of pancakes though!

Top Cooks enjoyed a challah making class with THE best challah we’ve ever tasted (truly), and Top Ranch riders went to the ranch in preparation for tomorrow’s big horse show! Other happenings around camp included final preparation for banquet (our 10th graders have been working hard for weeks!), fun on the Lake Selma wibits, outdoor and indoor cooking, tennis lessons, media, beading in A&C, adventure, fitness, field hockey, mountain biking, gymnastics… Well, we experienced it all! There’s so much to do, and we’re making every moment count!

Aside from turkey tacos for lunch and canteen, the major highlight of the day is tonight’s evening program! Juniors, Intermediates and Hi-Seniors are all playing … PANIC! YES! Dreams really do come true! And for low-seniors it’s Food Factor! Not too shabby either!

Please make sure to check out the Second Session play, Broadway Review: Fearless,  which is now up on YouTube now. And our WEEK SIX VIDEO!

We hope your Monday was as great as ours. Life is good in Greeley!

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