Monday Funday at CTT!

No case of the Mondays here!

Despite the on-again, off-again rain, we’re happy as can be! It’s a great Greeley day! This morning was chilly, but do you know that we have hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course) as an option at breakfast almost every morning? It was a big hit today! We warmed right up for an active morning at camp! Some of our oldest campers headed out to waterski, junior dancers learned the camp dance, we tackled the cheese wall in adventure, and we loved the turkey taco bar with soft shells and hard shells and all the fixin’s for lunch.

We’re thrilled to report that we managed to squeak in a full morning of regular activities despite the ominous sky. We also snuck in junior bunk photos at rest hour (seniors, your bunk photos are coming tomorrow!) and regularly scheduled 4th period (the first afternoon activity) before calling it a wash! The rain can’t stop the fun, however. During 5th period and general swim, instead of regular activities, we played KNOW YOUR COUNSELOR by division! Does your camper know what color tooth brush her counselor has? Does she know where her counselor is from? Does your camper know if her counselor has any pets? Which bunks  knows their counselors best? Ask your camper to find out!

And, of course, we’re deep into BIG/LITTLE SISTER shenanigans at CTT. During the first few days of camp, big sisters (returning campers) leave their little sisters (new campers) small gifts, notes, and tokens anonymously – big sisters are like secret admirers! Your big sister might make your bed for you while you’re at breakfast or hide a bedtime note under your pillow before evening program or have someone deliver a friendship bracelet to you at lunch! It’s so much fun to give and receive these anonymous gifts in the first few days of camp, and it’s even more fun to have big sisters reveal their identities at the Big/Little campfire which happens TOMORROW night! That’s right! Tomorrow night is the big sister/little sister campfire! We have so much to look forward to under the Greeley sky, no matter the weather. Life is good at camp!

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