Monday Funday at CTT!

Hi Parents and Friends!

It’s been another great day here at CTT. It rained through the night and into the wee hours of this morning, but by the time we woke up from our much-deserved late sleep, the clouds had lifted! We enjoyed a late lineup and then headed straight into second and third period. And though many of us were enjoying regularly scheduled programming under the Greeley sun, there were some extraordinary happenings too. Aren’t there always!?

Our horse show was a great one at TOP Ranch and included all of our riders here at camp- ask your rider to show you her ribbons! We also took out seniors for our final two canoe trips on the Delaware River! And for the Top Cooks among us, we made spring rolls and lemonade – YUM!

Maybe the most exciting happening of all, though, is banquet prep! Just beyond Sarah’s Falls, through the rambling Arts & Crafts Village, you’ll find our TOP SECRET pod. Do you know about our TOP SECRET art pod? One special pod at A & C is set back into the woods, and you can’t see into it at all! We use the pod for special top-secret activities, and specifically we use it for banquet prep. At Timber Tops, on the second-to-last night of camp, 9th graders install an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous series of panels and decorations and totally transform the dining hall. They’ve been working on banquet for weeks! We’ll get into more detail in the coming days, but we’ll just say: WOW. This year’s theme (which won’t be revealed until banquet) is amazing, and these campers just won’t believe their eyes. The bar has been set high, folks! 9th graders are amazing! Ask your camper what she and her friends might like their banquet theme to be when they’re in 9th grade. We bet they have some ideas, since it’s sort of a big deal around here!

Due to inclement weather this evening, our play, Camp Rock 2, has been postponed to tomorrow. It’ll be worth the wait! We’re safe and sound in our bunks with canteen in our bellies. Goodnight, folks!

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