Monday, June 27th at CAMP!

Hi Friends and Followers!

It’s been a great day here at camp. Thanks to a rainy morning, we started our day with a late wakeup and some delicious pancakes with fruit compote and whipped cream on the side. And don’t forget the hot chocolate! We think there were about 10 different challenges going on between bunks at junior breakfast, too. Underwear and goggles on our heads? Tutu wearing to breakfast? No utensils? Sure! We’ve seen it all! To say we’re making the most of every moment here at camp is an understatement. 

Our morning was spent with rainy day programming. For the juniors, a Timber Tops CLASSIC: Action Auction! For seniors, another longtime favorite: KNOW YOUR COUNSELOR! We had a great morning despite the dark skies. 

But the skies cleared in time for taco lunch (YUM) and afternoon activities! We ran, we swam, we Zumba’d. It was a beautiful, regularly scheduled afternoon! 

For evening program tonight, juniors will be playing “Name That Tune” and seniors will be playing “Against All Odds.” And though juniors got theirs earlier in the day, it’s our first day of canteen! Woohoo! Who doesn’t love choosing a special camp treat?! 

This morning, the cast list for Shrek was posted, so take a look and see if your camper auditioned below! The show is always a highlight of the summer!

We hope your week is off to a great start! 

Shrek – Katie B

Fiona – Lauren K

Middle Fiona – Leah W

Young Fiona – Lily M

Donkey – Mia R

Dragon – Blub

Lord Farquaad – Stella B

Pinocchio – Julia A

Mama Bear – Claire L

Baby Bear – Harper A

Gingey – Eliza C

Wolf – Nicole C

Guard Captain – Molly K

Palace Guard – Nika B

Guard – Maia K

Peter Pan – Gemma L

Duckling – Blythe B

Wicked Witch – Morgan H

The 3 little pigs – Maia, Kayla R and Eve F

Shoemaker’s Elf – Eloise W

Fairy Godmother – Lily D’A

Mad Hatter – Livie 

Humpty Dumpty – Sofia D

White Rabbit – Gemma L

Introducer / Host for Farquaad – Jessica R

Knight Group – Lilly, Sadie W, Coco K, Cookie

Narrator/Story Teller – Carly Z

Rooster – Ava 

Magic Mirror – Marissa S

3 Blind Mice – Rae B, Vivi B, Mara W

Tinkerbell – Sophia T

Duclock members / Happy People / Fairy tale creatures: Dani Y, Melanie H, Ruby M, Jane U, Ally W, IIana G, Sophie S, Angela D, Blake L, Addie L, Nev, Simona, Nicolette, Eva N, Eliana, Scartlett, Hope D, Sarah K, Caylee O, Mira C, Morgan S, 



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