Orange Wednesday!

Orange you glad you tuned in to today’s Timber Talk? Why? Because, it’s ORANGE WEDNESDAY! Things at camp are wacky, and Orange Wednesday is no exception. We’re wearing orange, and we’re loving it!

The most exciting part of TODAY’S Orange Wednesday, is that the sun got the memo and joined us for not just the morning, not just the afternoon, but for THE WHOLE DAY! That’s right, folks. It was sunny from morning till night! Our day of fun in the sun included pickle ball, tennis, horseback riding, our first Top Cooks class (making crepes! Oui oui!), mountain biking, play practice, basketball clinics, a rest period ice cream party for our counselors because they are so amazing, adventure fun and so much more. We also had CANTEEN! Dreams really do come true!

And tonight, 7th through 9th graders who opt in will canoe out to Blueberry Island on Lake Greeley (the lake down the road used by our sister camp, Pine Forest) for an overnight. SO COOL! Evening program for the rest of us includes PANIC for juniors and Against the Odds for seniors. Sound wild and crazy? Just wait till you see the photos!

But for now, we’ll leave you with this joke:

Why do oranges wear sunscreen?

BECAUSE THEY PEEL! (Don’t worry, friends and followers. We’re wearing plenty of sunscreen.)

And with that, goodnight!

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