Orange Wednesday, Switch Day, and Timber Madness!

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and here it is, folks:

It’s ORANGE WEDNESDAY! What’s Orange Wednesday, you ask? It’s when we dress in orange! Why? Because the CAs told us to! We’re not sure how the tradition started, but it’s one of those Timber Tops things!

It’s also SWITCH DAY! This morning started with a late sleep and supervised free activity (AKA free time!), and it ended in juniors and intermediates from CTT heading to Lake Owego to participate in activities there with boys the same age. And the older campers from Lake Owego coming to CTT to do the same! What a fun and wacky day in Greeley!

Other happenings today included play practice, the 10th grade canoe trip on the Delaware River, and tonight’s main event: TIMBERMADNESS! It’ll be a basketball tournament for the ages with the entire camp watching. Think games, slam dunk contests, three point shooting, a halftime show, a counselor/CA game and an all-star game. It’s going to be a great night under the Greeley stars, and we can’t wait!

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