Orange Wednesday!

Orange you glad it’s orange Wednesday? Why are some of us dressed in orange, you may ask? Well, it’s orange Wednesday, of course! The origins of Orange Wednesday date back to many moons ago, in the early 2000s, when a wacky group of CAs decided that on Wednesdays we would wear orange. And so we did! And sometimes we still do! 

It was another beautiful day at camp with play practice buzzing along, a whole lot of playing in the pool, horseback riding lessons, another canoe trip out of camp (this time the 9th grade!) and our first Top Cooks class! 

We enjoyed a big sister/little sister canteen, and we started our lip sync practice, too! Tonight, after a yummy dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits and watermelon, the seniors played JUKE BOX (A fan favorite! Dancing and singing galore!) and juniors learned fun facts about camp and camp people in “Guess Your Best!” 

In short, it was a perfectly Greeley day! Tune in tomorrow for a special one, folks. We’ll give you a three-letter hint: S.F.A!

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