Pink Wednesday and More!

5 Things (and a bonus!) from Today at CTT!

  1. It’s Pink Wednesday! Why? Why not! We’ve historically been loving Orange Wednesday, but the CAs twitched it up this morning, and we’re here for it!
  2. We ate challah french toast for breakfast! YUM!
  3. PFC came to CTT this afternoon for a dance competition, and it was SO much fun.
  4. Tonight it’s Old Timers/New Timers parties!
  5. We made Rice Krispy Treats over a fire in outdoor cooking, and dare we say it’s even better this way!
  6. Okay, we know we said five things but here’s a bonus… WE WANT, WE WANT PIONEER DAYS! PIONEER DAYS! It’s coming, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re waiting with bated breath.

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