Pioneer Days 2021

Pioneer Days 2021 is finally here! And we think we caught the camp by surprise (woohoo!), because it was a day earlier than rumors would lead you to believe! And though mumblings of “fakout” echoed through the Timber Theater once suspicious music started playing after the Broadway Review, once we saw the tiki torches and golf carts turned into monorails leading us up Lily Lane, we KNEW this had to be the real deal. A huge Cinderella castle right in the middle of the basketball court set the stage for what we think was the best breakout ever! Head staff dressed up in Disney characters, acting out various scenes, videos made and played of each Disney park, Fireworks over the castle to round out the night, Mickey and Minnie ears and glow sticks and “Timber World” bracelet passes…It was pure magic!

Maybe the swim meet is your thing. Maybe it’s jug band or banner or butter churning or campsite or Tall Tale. These three Pioneer Days are more magical than anything Disney. Filled with adventure, teamwork, silliness and heart, they’re the stuff of childhood memories that stand the test of time. Just ask anyone who’s been down the winding road before. And, of course, this moment is bittersweet, since Pioneer Days marks the beginning of the end of summer. These next few days we’ll come to appreciate this place a little more, run a little harder, sing a little louder, and make every moment count.

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