Pioneer Days 2022: Day 1!

Pioneer Days! It’s here! We’re so excited we could burst! Last night, after an AWESOME Miss CTT evening program, PIONEER DAYS BROKE OUT in the Fitness Center… Or so head staff wanted us to believe! When we all made our way up there, we were disappointed by what looked like a pretty lackluster breakout … You should have seen the glum faces of Timber Tops girls young and old! Once the fakeout was announced, everyone begrudgingly joined one big circle for the CA song and alma mater. They were SURE breakout would happen.

And then, in the middle of the alma mater, FIREWORKS went off over the Timber Theater (where we had just been sitting for evening program before the fakeout), and the crowd went wild! As we headed back down Lily Lane to the theater, with fireworks overhead, we saw the stage transformed! Character from teen movies were greeting us with popcorn, and we sat down for an AMAZING show both pre-recorded by the head staff and also performed live. It was one for the books. Truly, we don’t remember as great a breakout as this one.

And with four teen movies as the themes (Camp Rock, Descendants, Teen Beach Movie and High School Musical), we were singing and dancing and cheering…And we will be for the next three days!

We are SO excited for the fun in store. Here’s a link to follow along!

Pioneer Days 2022.xlsx – Day 1 Schedule

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