Pioneer Days Breakout & Day 1!

IT FEELS LIKE A PERFECT NIGHT! It suuuuure was a perfect night down the winding road at Camp Timber Tops last night. As Timber Idol came to an end and votes were announced (congratulations to our many incredible performers, especially Katie and Lauren our winning duo!), the music, blasting from behind the curtain was unmistakable. Those first few chords were, that bass was, all we needed! Lavender Haze! Taylor Swift! OMGGGGG!!! Some started running, but we kept everyone back to see the curtains open and reveal FOUR different Taylors. Those Taylors would each become the Taylor of the four Pioneer Day team performances and announcements, but now we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Once the four Taylors were revealed at the Timber Theater, and as music played, we RAN. Listen, we won’t sugar coat it for you. We like to keep things orderly during breakout and get the masses in check but, folks, it just could not be done. It was absolutely impossible. You’d have thought Taylor Swift herself was in Greeley. We BOLTED!

We’ve never had a breakout on the lower tennis courts before, and as we got closer and closer it was clear that this was no ordinary Pioneer Days break. Purple tie dye tapestries just like Taylor’s opening concert flags, lined the path through junior village. Then tiki torches brought us down to an elaborate concert venue constructed right here in these Greeley woods. There was a VIP tent, a catwalk stage, lighting like we’ve never seen at camp and, of course, a merch tent.

Let’s talk about the merch tent for a minute, because before we get into those custom t-shirts, it’s important that everyone out there in this Timber Tops internet world know what amazing head staff we have here at CTT. In addition to practicing choreography for weeks, in addition to planning THE best breakout we’ve ever seen, our head staff has been making CTT TAYLOR SWIFT FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS all summer in their free time to give out on the night of breakout. Folks, this incredible head staff has been waiting for this moment for months. The air at camp last night was filled with joy and love and excitement. It was like nothing we’ve ever seen before – and we see lots of joy and love and excitement.

As our concert started, glow sticks and friendship bracelets were passed out, and four different Taylor sets were performed. First, Taylor Swift’s debut album (green), then The Fearless album (yellow), next Red (red) and finally 1989 (blue). Those videos have been posted to the YouTube page so check them out! You won’t want to miss it!

After our awesome eras performances and before captains were announced, we told our concert goers that we’ve ACTUALLY been dropping Taylor Swift Pioneer Days EASTER EGGS all summer long! Have you noticed any in these blogs?! WHAATTT!?!? That’s right! We played this Easter Egg video (here on dropbox, because YouTube does not seem to like it!) and the crowd went wild! This feels like a good time to say that Kareema, our videographer, is HUGELY talented, and we are so grateful for her many years of amazing work at CTT.

After our Easter Egg video viewing, every bunk counselor was called up to the merch tent to pick up a bag filled with CTT Era’s Tour T-Shirts in the correct sizes and colors for each and every person here at camp! It was the cherry on top of what was ABSOLUTELY the best breakout in Camp Timber Tops history. And we don’t say that lightly. WHAT A NIGHT!

This morning, we came down to breakfast in our merch and enjoyed a great, busy day of Pioneer Day activities! This morning brought happenings on the upper field including the sack race, the egg and spoon relay, the obstacle course, an egg toss, a wheelbarrow relay, a three legged race, a crab walk relay, a hula hoop relay, a sneaker relay, a suitcase relay, a volley tennis relay, a water bucket relay, a ridiculous relay and more! And this afternoon we were all at Lake Selma for lake activities! Committees have been made for dance, song, meal, jug band, cheer, banner, quartet, totem pole, hat, campsite, tall tale and “props!” We’ve gotten to work! So much to do, so little time (only three days)!

Tonight it’s jug band, freeze frame, props and hat at the Timber Theater! And we’re just gettin’ started. Goodnight, Swifties!

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