Seniors Take a Hike, Basketball Intercamps, Fitness Training, a Social Media Outage and So Much More!

Good afternoon, friends and followers!

It’s been another great, eventful day here in Greeley, Pennsylvania! WE ARE SO EXCITED for tomorrow’s July 4th festivities! But more on that tomorrow. Today brought its own excitement, as does every day down the winding road!

We were back to regular schedule today, which is sandwiched between yesterday’s special day and tomorrow’s special day, so it was welcomed business-as-usual. Particularly awesome happenings we witnessed at camp included a junior jogging class, a junior “learn to ride a bike” class, a senior “speed camp” (fitness participants wore parachutes and ran up Lily Lane — see our instagram story!), a “dessert appetizer” Top Cooks Class with Melissa D’Arabian, dance continued amazing private lessons, and a senior beginners hip hop class looked awesome too! Juniors stormed the lake and the pool, as it’s about 10 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday (still a pleasant 83 degrees!), and many participated in our 11 and under, 13 and under, and 15 and under intercamp athletic competitions. And since yesterday’s 6th graders went on their hike, our senior campers begged for a chance to go on the same one (it was that gorgeous)! So they did! About 40 of them! Raymondskill Falls was the place to be this afternoon. Check out a video of Raymondskill Falls here!  Photos of your adventurers will be posted on CampMinder, of course.

Tonight? Juniors have a ….MOVIE AND COOKIE BAKE! With the exception of yesterday’s World Cup Game (which all had the option to watch), this will be the first screen time your juniors have had in almost two weeks! Seniors will play a new game called “Find my Friends!” And then it’ll be an early night, because tomorrow will be one for the books.

A note: we thought our social media was acting up in Greeley (our Facebook and Instagram posts aren’t all posting), but it turns out it’s international news! Still, apologies for the social media posting wonkiness today!

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