What a day! What a life!

Our first late sleep followed by SFA (Supervised Free Activity) was a HUGE success! But what’s SFA, you ask? Well, it’s only the greatest thing to ever happen to Thursdays! SFA is a day filled with free choice activities and special happenings. Though we’re not allowed to stay in the bunk, if activities aren’t calling our name, we can take a stroll with friends or create a spa outside of our bunk or hang on the porch and read a book or play an impromptu game of pickle ball with a friend! It’s free and easy and low-key over here today, and we’re lovin’ the freedom and leisure and change of pace.

Today around camp we made banana boats in outdoor cooking, we baked biscuits and jam in Top Cooks, we played water polo at the pool, we tried out the high zip line, we took tennis lessons at tennis, we did jewelry-making in arts & crafts, and we started practicing for our lip syncs! So much more! Oh, and after all the buzz with seniors returning this morning, interested 6th graders packed up for their chance at a Blueberry Island overnight tonight! Stay tuned for that!

Thursdays sometimes bring special trips too, and today was one of those special times! The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th graders headed to Costa’s Family Fun Park (don’t worry – other grades head over there next week)! Campers played mini golf, headed to the driving range, tried out go carts and did waterslide after waterslide! And how could we forget the most important part: ice cream for everyone! It was SUCH a great escape just down the road!

In short, THE GOOD VIBES ARE STRONG today in Greeley. We hope they are wherever you are too! Over and out!

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