SFA Alllll Day

Hey, friends and followers! Long time no see! Whew. It’s been quite the past few days here in Greeley, and we needed a break! So on this beautiful, sunny Greeley day, we enjoyed a late sleep and SFA (Supervise Free Activity) all day. We play practiced, we zip-lined, we painted, we danced, we ran, we read, we relaxed, we swam…There’s nothing lazy about SFA day! Other highlights today included funfetti pancakes for breakfast, mac and cheese and tuna melts for lunch, and our traditional Friday dinner with everyone’s favorite: matzoh ball soup (and challah and brisket and kugel and watermelon too)! And tonight, you ask? LAKE NIGHT for juniors and a social with the Lake Owego boys for Inters and Seniors! The fun never stops here, people! But the time is moving too quickly. Believe it or not, we’ll be reading first-session bus lists soon, and we’re already prepping for “Visiting Day” treats and surprises – each bunk made a wish list, and we’re going shopping. Hey, here’s a wish list item: PLEASE slow down time! We want to stay here forever!

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