SFA and SO Much More!

Good evening, folks! It’s been another beautiful, glorious day down the winding road in Greeley, PA.

This morning’s late sleep allowed our Polar Bears, on the third and final day of their Polar Bear exploits, to sleep an hour late too, rising at 7:15AM for an early morning dip in Lake Selma. It was a sixty degree morning, so cookies and hot chocolate were particularly appreciated, but the t-shirt is really what these bears are in it for. And they’ve certainly earned their winnings! Congrats, CTT Polar Bears!

It’s Thursday, and since this time next week is packing day (say it ain’t so!), today has been our last SFA Day of Summer 2023! We know, we know; it’s hard to believe that we’re beginning our first “final” moments of what is and has truly been THE most amazing summer. So we’re making it all count! We’re leaving no blank space! Supervised Free Activity Day includes lots of fun around camp for campers to independently enjoy. Today, some repelled on our new repel tower! Some headed to outdoor cooking! Some worked on camp media projects! There was Gaga, tennis, and tie-dye was an especially big hoot! Lots of juniors created Junior Village spas complete with nail painting and jibit trading, and some campers even worked on signs for friends and neighbors in tonight’s Timber Idol competition – but more on that in a moment.

We were especially impressed by the 6th graders’ initiative in creating their own game of “extreme hide and seek!” today during SFA. Complete with costumes, a rule book and and partner pairs for safety, our 6th graders dreamt up and participated in their own giant hide and seek game around camp this afternoon. And it was awesome!

The weather at camp has been perfect these past few days which made today’s grove cookout lunch particularly delightful and delicious. And tonight we’ll cozy up together at the Timber Theater for a highly anticipated concert, the hottest ticket in town: Timber Idol! Those interested in performing auditioned a few days ago, and a camper was selected from every age group to represent her grade level! We’ll hear from each grade-level winner and a few extra wild cards tonight in what will surely be a fantastic evening of song and performance. Our Timber Tops Idol winner will be selected by silent votes of our very own camp audience (through an extremely sophisticated, technologically advanced voting system involving plastic spoons).

In short, as always, it’s one big love story here at CTT.


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