SFA, Costa’s, Krav Maga, Pen Making and SO MUCH MORE!

Happy tie-dye Thursday from Down the Winding Road! It’s been another great albeit wet day here at camp, but we’re so busy that we’ve barely noticed!

This morning, after a Thursday late wakeup, we came down to lineup to hear about offerings for Supervised Free Activity Day. In addition to regular activities being open for free play, Thursdays are an opportunity to hold special classes and clinics and even welcome visiting teachers and artists. Today we welcomed a woodworker who helped many of us make our own pens! Though open to all, all 6th graders were scheduled a visit and will bring home a beautiful new wooden pen, made here at camp! We also held Krav Maga clinics, one for our younger campers and one for our hi-seniors. Krav Maga is a form of Israeli self-denfense, and in addition to getting great exercise, we hope that campers will walk away with a few new skills. Other highlights of today’s SFA day included a cake decorating workshop, tie-dying for all in A&C, hi-seniors at Costa’s and banquet prep! Oh, and though our neighbors canceled our inter-camp field hockey game, we were so excited to play that we held our own! Campers vs. Counselors! It was so much fun.

And just after a delicious lunch in the grove of hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, watermelon baked beans, potato chips, lemonade and more, we ran for shelter in another only-in-the-mountains downpour! It came out of the blue! And after an hour or so of rain, rain, rain, we’re left with sunny skies again, birds chirping, wild turkey roaming…It’s wacky here at camp!

Tonight will be LAKE NIGHT for Juniors (it’s beautiful now, but if it rains again we’ll go with Food Factor), and SOCIAL for the Seniors!

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