SFA DAY, Greeley Games, and Costa’s!

Dear Friends, 

What a day! What a life! Believe it or not, it’s Thursday again, and you know what that means: SFA (Supervised Free Activity) at CTT! It’s our scheduled relaxing, lazy day, yes, but there’s really not much lazy about it. 

While campers can always choose to hang out and relax on Thursdays, there are all kinds of special activities planned in and around camp for us to enjoy! Today there were Greeley Games against Lake Owego Camp, another cooking competition, more canoe trips on the Delaware, hi-zipping, play practice, Cabaret prep, and a trip to our local Costa’s Family Fun Park for go-carting, bumper boats, water slides, mini golf, and ice cream!

Tonight, seniors have a social with Lake Owego Camp (the low-seniors theme is luau and the hi-senior theme is hoedown) and the juniors are enjoying a cookie bake/movie night! The movie is… HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Juniors are in their PJS, sitting under the twinkling light of the dance pavilion, and enjoying their special snack as this blogger writes. 

Life is good in Greeley! 

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