SFA, Timber Records, and Fort Building (OH MY)!

Dear Friends and Followers,

We hope you saw last night’s photos from Timber Madness! It was an awesome night on the basketball court, one that’s sure to become a tradition.

And it was another great day at camp! (Are we getting redundant? We hope not! But it’s just the truth!) The morning started with an SFA: Supervised Free Activity schedule followed by an afternoon of rainy day programming, including the most beloved one: FORT BUILDING!

During SFA this morning, campers had the opportunity to compete in CTT Records, our version of the Guinness Book of World Records! Can you beat the CTT Book of Records time for hoola hooping, holding pitchers of water, running up Lily Lane, or standing on one leg? Ask your camper if she tried! It was a wild and wacky day at CTT!

Tune in tomorrow for another great day down the winding road!

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