Super Soaker Saturday

That’s right, folks! It’s Super Soaker Saturday! It was a warm, sunny day up here in Greeley, so what did we do about it? The CAs woke us up, told us to dress in blue (some of us wore bathing suits) and, we sprayed each other down with Super Soakers! What? That’s not how you beat the heat wherever it is you’re tuning in from? It works like a charm up here in the mountains!

Activities were out in full swing from Lake Selma to the Timberdome! Our 7th through 9th graders loved their overnight on Blueberry Island, our Top Cooks went to a chocolate factory, and though the rain canceled our Escape from CTT plans, fear not! We’re rescheduling and tonight enjoying Hi-Senior Bonding, Low-Senior Panic, and Junior Know Your Counselor! With imported Philly soft pretzels for evening snack – YUM!

But, as you well know, sometimes showing is better than telling, so here it is! Our WEEK 5 video! How could it be? Somebody slow down the clocks! We’re soaking in every single moment (get it?)!

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