Super Soaker Sunday, Polar Bears, Sprinklers, Water Games, A NEW Lake Inflatable (Do you Sense a Theme?)

It’s been a hot one, alright, but we’re staying cool in Greeley today! The whole camp was woken up by CAs declaring it Super Soaker Sunday! They dressed in blue, brought out super soakers, and encouraged the whole camp to stay hydrated by challenging them to drink five water bottles worth of water over the course of the day (and also dress in blue, channeling cooler weather and reminding everyone to drink)! But let’s back up for a minute…This morning, well before lineup, at 6:15AM to be exact, 217 Camp Timber Tops girls (yup, you read that right, 2/3 of the camp) were woken up (by choice) to participate in our CTT Polar Bear Club! CTT Polar Bears jump into the lake at dawn, sing three songs, and then run to the dining hall for hot chocolate. They must do this three times in order to gain entry into the club (entry into the club means getting Polar Bear Club t-shirt). We’ve gotta say, with 217 girls participating today, it’s confirmed that CTT is just the greatest, most enthusiastic, campiest girls camp around.

Activities ran as usual today, but added to the mix were sprinklers placed all around camp, perfect for cooling off between activity periods! The girls went wild! There was one on the upper field, one in junior village, one on senior hill, and at the bottom of Lily Lane. It’s amazing what some sprinklers will do to a place. BEST, most FUN DAY EVER! We plan on keeping them out for the next few days. And speaking of water fun, today was the perfect day to bring out our brand new lake inflatable! It’s enormous and has doubled the size of our lake obstacle course. The girls are thrilled! We also brought out new floats in the pool: turtles, ducks, and donuts, oh my! It was a perfect day to be by the water!

During rest hour today we held our first brother/sister visitation with Lake Owego Camp for Boys! Don’t worry, moms and dads, photos will be uploaded, so you can see your happy Greeley campers together! The next time we see the Lake Owego boys will be when their entire camp comes over for evening snack and our firework show on July 4th!

For junior choice this afternoon, athletics went CRAZY. WATER FIGHT ON THE UPPER FIELD! And media started what we think will become a fast Timber Tops favorite: golf cart karaoke! Coming soon to a camp video near you.

Tonight it’s MOVIE STAR MADNESS! This place gets better every day!

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