Super Soaker Sunday!

It’s Sunday, and it’s sunny, and the CAs woke us up with a SUPER SOAKER SURPRISE! That’s right, friends, it’s Super Soaker Sunday here at CTT! You may notice that we’re all in blue, because, of course, blue is the color of water! It TOTALLY makes sense (if you’re here at CTT)! 

Tonight for evening program we have two programs in one (we’re fitting it all in)! We’re playing Wild Wild West! If you follow us on social media you’ve seen Most Wanted posters plastered all around camp  – and tonight, it’s a counselor hunt! Led by our 11th grade CAs, scampers will have to find our staff and bring them to jail for a reward! We’re also putting a spin on Wild Wild West this year and tonight will REALLY be a Wild Wild West and Timberween (think Halloween) mashup! We’re getting wild over here!  The fun never stops here in Greeley!

Stay tuned for more wiiiild happenings tomorrow! Most notably…JUNIOR LIP SYNC! Get excited, because we know we are! 

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