Switch Day at CTT and LOC!

Our seniors (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th) graders are all out of camp on their senior trips! It’s a CTT/LOC tradition we haven’t been able to experience since 2019, and we couldn’t wait. Hi-Seniors left yesterday, Lo-Seniors left today, and we’ll all be back together again late late late tomorrow night. We’re hearing GREAT reports from our five trips out in the world! For now, however, in Greeley, PA… JUNIORS RULE! 

Juniors enjoyed the BEST DAY EVER in what we call Camp Timber Tops/Lake Owego Camp SWITCH DAY! And guess what? It was a GORGEOUS, perfect day for the switch. The morning started with everyone from LOC at CTT with us! Choices for all included cooking, arts and crafts, tennis, dance, gymnastics, outdoor cooking, soccer, zumba, adventure, basketball, lake, gaga, and yoga! 

After lunch, for the entire afternoon, we allll headed to Lake Owego to experience activities over there! Choices at LOC included: lake, gaga, biking, indoor soccer, giant swing, arts and crafts, kickball, basketball, volleyball and flag football. 

We loved spending time with the LOC boys (okay… Well… we sort of…Honestly we mostly ignored them), but it was a really fun way to SWITCH things up! And tonight, it’s just CTT over here for an all girls oldie but a goody… PANIC! Yes! We’re exhausted just writing this post, and tomorrow might be an even more exciting, wacky day than today! Only time will tell!

Stay tuned for more, folks! It’s another great day in Greeley and beyond!


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